Four reasons why you need a Will...

Four reasons why you need a Will...

In 2016, Citizens Advice revealed that the number of enquiries concerning people who had died without making a Will doubled over the past five years*. Nearly two thirds of British adults do not have a Will, which is called intestacy. Dying without one leaves a lot of stress and financial worry for loved ones, which could be avoided.
Here are four reasons why it’s better to have a Will:

1. A Will makes things easier for your family and friends to take care of your affairs. Without it, they may have a lengthy, stressful process to sort out your estate.

2. You can decide who you want to leave your assets to, if you write a Will. If someone dies without one, the law decides where your money, property and other assets go, which may not be where you want.

3. Putting a proper Will in place means you can protect your loved ones from inheritance tax. Otherwise, the state could take a large chunk of your wealth and it won’t go to the people or organisations you care about.

  1. If you aren’t married to your partner or you have children and they rely on you financially, then writing a Will will ensure that they receive the inheritance you want them to have. Unmarried partners will not inherit under the rules of intestacy. A Will also allows you to bequeath inheritance to people outside your immediate family.

    Making a Will today means you can look after your loved ones after you are gone.
    It allows you to decide who your money, property and possessions go to. You can also decide on a executor - the person who will be in charge of following the instructions in your Will and taking care of your estate.

Save your loved ones from added stress at an already anxious time and make a Will

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